Over the last four years I talked to every single Uber and Lyft driver I had a ride with and this is what I learned.

1. They are very smart.

I have learned so many things from talking to Uber & Lyft drivers. There is no cheaper way to learn and understand different perspectives. One guy had a PhD in history and philosophy and we talked about politics and he told me to read America’s Strategy in World Politics. Amazing…

We are at the Tipping-Point towards Utopia! We just need to understand it to get access — so we don’t waste lifetime! A mindset shift is necessary.

While the media is mainly focusing on North Korea, Trump and Syria, they are missing that the world is actually moving into a new age of human history and we are not even realizing it. For the first time, we are almost able to feed and educate everyone on the…

Andreas Berger

Advisor, Consultant, Inventor, Philosopher, Author and Business Leader/Owner.

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